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Discussion in 'Programming' started by _Proxy, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. _Proxy

    _Proxy Member

    Jun 22, 2018
    Hey guys.

    Right now I am making a survival game. I have setup all the elements such as tree cutting, mining, user interface and crafting. But the only problem is that, I have no idea how to code animal A.I. But I do know how to code enemy A.I. so I need help with the following:

    - Animal Wandering State.
    - Animal Fleeing State.
    - Animal Collisions And Path Finding.
    - And I would like some of the animals to stick together.

    - Animal Breeding.
    - Animal Cone Of Vision.
    - I have will make it so that the animals drop food and i can cook it. (but feel free to give me other ideas).

    this is a video of what my game looks like right now:
  2. Kyon

    Kyon Member

    Jun 27, 2016
    How I would do this is to make a variable called "state"
    so something in create like state="Wandering";

    Then in the step event you check what state he is in, and make a simple AI for that state.
    So like for example:
    if state="Wandering"{
        if dirtime>0{dirtime-=1;}else{dirtime=room_speed*2; dir=choose(1,0,0,-1);}
        if dir=1{x+=1;}
        if dir=-1{x-=1;}
    (might want to add dir=1; and dirtime=0; to the create event)

    Then you switch states when something happens, like for example the player comes too close
    if distance_to_object(obj_player)<120{
       if state="Wandering"{state="Flee"; fleetime=room_speed*5;}
    Idk, also add fleetime=0; to create event haha
    Then make it go back to Wandering if the player is away after 5 sec or so:
    if fleetime>0{fleetime-=1;}else{if state="Flee"{state="Wandering";}}

    The Flee state should be something like, idk:
    if state="Flee"{
       if obj_player.x>x{x-=2;} //if the object player is to your right run left
       if obj_player.x<x{x+=2;}
      if obj_player.y<y{y+=2;}

    But of course then it becomes more complicated because the animal has to avoid stuff,
    so you could place stuff like "if !place_meeting(x,y,obj_wall)" before movement, that would help. But there are better ways for that, I'm not sure what your movement system is anyway.
    This is just how I would do it.
  3. _Proxy

    _Proxy Member

    Jun 22, 2018
    This is awesome! I will try this out in my game (I will also try find a way around the collisions). Thank you.
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