Windows ANGRY DONALD (Horror? or Comedy? You decide!)


Angry Donald is a horror game I made all the way back in 2013.

It's pretty bad since my programming skills back then were literally terrible. I'm really just uploading this because I stumbled across it on my old GameJolt account and it hit me with so much nostalgia, I just had to post it here.

You can give feedback if you want but I am NEVER going to update this game. Honestly. I do not know why I'm uploading this, it's really no different from all those other similar Slender like horror clones out there BUT maybe someone might enjoy it.

You are Mickey mouse and you have to collect 6 documents in the factory for old washed up cartoons. But Donald Duck isn't intent on just letting you take them...

ITCH Download:
GameJolt Download:
*IMPORTANT- Due to the terrilbe coding, when you die (and you will die), press ESCAPE to close the game
and restart it, as the game stays on a blank screen on death and does not reload. :D

Old Lets Play just for good measure (so you know what your getting into!)