Android Andy & Sandy [released!]


Andy & Sandy is out now!
(Developed via Game Maker Studio 2)

That is the first chapter and pilot-game* of the adventures of Andy & Sandy.
These two cool ant-kids are on a quest for their disappeared friend. In that adventurous
platform-game you (being Andy or Sandy) have to get through difficult environments
and to confront dangers. With your partner always in the background. The bunny-chum
"Tapsy" has been kidnapped and caged into a magic prison, by an evil sorcerer.
But to crack that sorcery 14 pieces of an element-artefact must be retrieved. These have
been scattered in time and space. Find these and put them back into the artefact.
That´s the only way to free Tapsy. But beware!!! The evil sorcerer has put many traps and
henchmen onto your way - he will try to stop you under all circumstances.

Get it here on Google Play!

Player age rating: 6 years
System: Android
iOS: soon
Unit: Smartphone or tablet (via touchscreen or added keyboard)

Publisher: Kiddybox Inc.
Coding, GraFX & SoundFX: Marc Margielsky

*pilot-game: First project with a finale that isn´t the completion of the adventure (goal of the game).
But it held out in prospect episodic sequels to reach the goal of the game. The sequels would follow
in case of enough app-downloads, just for making the efforts senseful.


I wanted to thank all those guys here, who helped me with hints and ideas in some cases of
difficulties I had. And I hope I could help somebody here with my thin knowledge...
I`m a better beginner in coding but much better in graphic and sound.

It is my first game in life, and it will not be the last - I am absolutely infected!!!!
Once again:

:banana::banana::banana:T H A N K Y O U !!! :banana::banana::banana:

Best wishes and stay healthy,
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