Free [Android & iOS] Galaxy Dash - Arcade Jumper

Jump from planet to planet, avoiding the orbiting asteroids, streaking comets and ominous black holes, along the way finding shields, being launched between cannons, and collecting floating crystals, all while trying to reach the top of the leaderboard. Customise your character with different colours, fun hats, cute and quirky skins, and game specials!
Reach 10 planets in Normal mode to unlock the Dash mode, where there's no hazards to avoid but you'll feel the urgency with ever-increasing planet fall speed and rotation and really show just how long you can survive this mad dash to the edge of the galaxy!

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Any and all feedback is appreciated :)

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Thanks for the feedback @nh-Pat and calling out this issue. The game scales to devices with resolutions bigger than the base aspect ratio but was not scaling to ones smaller. This has now been fixed when you update to v1.1.5 let us know if it works for you!
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Galaxy Dash has been released on iOS. Let us know what you think!