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Endless Horde is an endless wave top down shooter. Control a Specialized Mechanical Advanced Remote Turret (S.M.A.R.T.) to protect man's final outpost against the oncoming waves of bloodthirsty mutants! You have just one chance to save what is left of humanity by gunning down the infected across 3 different environments before they destroy you. Earn experience to level up your turret and choose between 4 different upgrades to improve your chances of survival while selecting between 3 different Special weapons for ultimate destruction. Exterminating the mutants also earns you money to strengthen your position by placing and upgrading 4 different defenses.

Endless Horde aims to ensure a competitive and fair highscores rankings by having no in-app purchases (no pay-to-win), always only 1 life a game, no random power-ups, and only incorporating 1 system of chance (enemy spawning). It's up to your defenses, upgrade choices, and skills as a player to show who's best between your friends and the world!


Appreciate any and all feedback to improve my game :) (I'm going for 'challengingly addictive')
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@BulleTech Studios And in the architecture option in global game settings You ticket all of them right?. Not only "Build for arm64"?
Cuz ticking only arm64 limits the devices that can install your game to only those who have a arm64 cpu on theirs phones.

They should be ALL ticked,
or at least the ones that are most used like armv7, 64, x86 etc

If that's the case then you need to compile the APK again with this new architecture settings and upload it in Google play as an update

edit: yeah, that fixed it
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Appreciate any feedback

It looks good. Hm, any feedback you say. Well, it depends what direction you want to go with it. The long term or the short term. You could possibly choose between classes and each have a talent tree, but only if you want to really put a lot into it. I've never seen a game like this, and it's like an evolution of Duck Hunt. You seem to be going somewhere with this... just like the card games. It's interesting, the possibilities with this game.

Anyhow, I wish you good luck with it! Game looks polished.
@mikix thank you for the interesting idea, a talent tree would be good but yeah maybe too involved for how simple I want to keep it! My first thought for an update was being able to place defenses (e.g. mines, barbed wire...), not sure yet

@Xiang WayYi thanks
Endless Horde has just been updated!
Now exterminate the mutants to earn currency that you can spend on defenses like explosives or shields and get you even higher on the leaderboard!
Currency and defenses upgrades persist between games, ensuring you have a fighting chance against the oncoming endless horde no matter your skill level

Any feedback on the game is appreciated

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Endless Horde has been re-released from scratch for Android and now also released on iOS, with improved, graphics, gameplay and mechanics. Let us know what you think!


Quick play on ios. It’s nice. I didn’t like the targetting. I like the tap to aim and not have to actually tap on zombie. I mean if I’m shooting right at a zombie it should blow to pieces. Just my first impression. Nice.

I would leave a little. Mood splatter permanent. That would be cool.
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Thanks for the feedback Toque
I've considered changing to anything in the line of where you tap gets shot but haven't been sold on changing to that mechanic yet
Some permanent faint blood splatter would be cool