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Android Android In App Purchases For other stores issue

Mr Trick

Hay Guys,first sry about my poor language!
I using GMS2 and I trying to make in-Purchase-app Android for my game but its not for Google play store.
Im Trying to Make it for cafebazaar.ir , in my country this is a popular local android store so I never used Google Play as Developer because I can't , but as i know cafebazaar IAPs method is like google play , its have a license key like google (in cafebazaar called "RSA KEY") , and its have a product id. and cafebazaar android permission is :

But i can't understand how i can make IAPs for this store thay have Docs and explain all things (not for Gms but thay explain it for unity) :

Docs : https://cafebazaar.ir/developers/docs/iab/?l=en

But i never use IAPs in Gamemaker before and i have no experience at this...I don't know java for making android extension or something . but I reallyyyy need this thing I see " In App Purchases " in docs2 but i can't Implementation it for "CafeBazaar" . how i must be doing this,is there any toturial? is in app purchases event and functions useful for this? is anyone can make extension for this?

if anyone can help and see docs I really appreciate that,Thank You!