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GMS 2 ANDROID - IAP pop up window and refunds


Hi guys,

I am just trying to implement Google Play Services etc. to my android games, even the Google Play Billing. I figured out it to work thanks to YoYo Games tutorial, I can buy a product and I will get the reward, but every time the game lost internet connection or I start the game without it, it show me a pop up window "please ensure you have an active data connection for license check" (attached screenshot). I don't know, what to do with it, it's even showing while playing and that's pretty disturbing.
I have tried to add the
if statement in every event of my GPBilling objects, but it's doing just nothing. I have also tried to check connection via
, but it didn't help as well.

So, I don't know what to do right now, does anybody of you have any idea?

And please, does anybady of you know, how to secure refunding? I mean, if a player buys an app and refund it, my game have to take that bought item from him. I didn't find anything about this.

Thank you very much!