Free [Android][HTML5][NoAds] Kingdom of Numbers


I would like to share with you my recently launched educational game - Kingdom of Numbers
It's my first published game using Game Maker Studio. It was quite a learning experience.
It's mainly aimed at children, but can also be played casually by adults, to relieve some stress.

The official description :) goes like this
For children : learn and master the basic arithmetic operations : adding, subtracting, multiplying, integer division in a fun and relaxed way, by completing objectives in a timely fashion.
For adults of all ages: have a casual break and solve some arithmetic related puzzles (e.g. "obtain an odd number using only even numbers, division and addition")

There are still things to improve upon, but it's ready to meet the world :D so you can check it out here:

Gameplay video:



Cool. I was just doing some math with my boy this morning. I tried a few apps but there wasn't a lot of great ones. I have an iPhone but wish I could try this one.
Hello! I am sorry, but I don't have the means to publish and test for iOS at the moment. You can try the HTML version on a PC/Laptop or the downloadable windows version.


I played the HTML version...because I don't have an Android device.
The game works very well...Seems good for a wide variety of ages.
Good music and the graphics are clear / colorful.