Question - IDE Android game won't finish building


I already posted this question in the Programming section, but now I feel that this topic suits the tech support area a bit better.

My project is done.

I can run it on both VM and YYC for both the test and android target (with physical device of course).

When I'm trying to create the android apk, it gets to "igor complete" and does (nor displays) anything else.

This is the first time I've ever tried to create an android apk (usually i'm making windows executables), so I'm not sure what is supposed to happen after the output window displays, "igor complete".

I'm afraid that I don't even know what I need to give you guys (the helpful more-experienced devs) to help fix this.

So, if you'll excuse my "novice-ness", I'd appreciate any help at all.

Thanks in advance!


When creating an android apk, you get an android .apk file in the folder you specified. On windows task bar the explorer blinks with highlight hints.
If you had chosen and connected a target like when you run on physical device, the build will be also installed and launched.
If you don't find the apk file, there is something wrong. People usually go through the output window to find "error" or "exception" for the cause.
If there are multiple or complex issues, people usually ctrl-a copy everything in the output window and paste into a text file to share for others to help diagnose the root cause.