GMS 2 Android--Detecting/Handling Rounded Screens



Android phones now sometimes have displays that are physically rounded at the corner. By default, GMS2 will still use the space, but anything under the corners will be obscured. Android provides an isRound() method to determine if the screen is rounded, but to my knowledge GMS2 does not provide any access to that information.

Is there any way I'm missing to detect whether a device has rounded corners? Does anyone have any clever workarounds other than just avoiding that area on all builds? I know @Andrey mentioned the pain of deving for mobile screens in another thread, but I haven't seen much other discussion.
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I would suppose it involves extension work. But since Android extension development isn't my field of expertise, I'll leave my reply at that and let the pros talk.


You should also submit this as a bug report / suggestion linking to the Android isRound() docs and they should hopefully add a native GML function that wraps it.

Until then, like Frosty says you'd be looking at an Android extension to wrap it.