Android [Android] Blocks


Ruben Alamar Gimenez

Blocks is an intelligence game, aimed at those people who want to challenge their own mind with incredible puzzles.
The earth is abandoned to its luck since in all the bunkers and governmental administrations the nuclear energy has been used in an excessive way.
The time has come to take solutions and seal the radioactive leaks that exist in any corner and in any part of the buildings.

ToZ-20-01 is an advanced robot, which has a huge force to drag intelligent blocks that seal, close and decontaminate the escape zones.
This sokoban puzzle game will make your mind travel beyond the first or second block movement. Whatever box you move, it will affect the next moves.
Walk through the labyrinths in search of a solution. Until each puzzle is solved, you will not be able to move to the next level.

The difficulty will increase progressively. Soon you will discover that you can solve the most difficult levels of each puzzle in a more effective way than in the beginning.
Do not be in a hurry. There is no time or countdown to pressure you or any reason to make you run.
Solve each puzzle your way, and always keep in mind that you can solve free 10 puzzles automatically to move to the next maze.

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