Android Android App not Installed Error

Hey Everyone,

I am developing a game for android and I wanted to have someone test it on their phone. I have had it running on 4 different android devices.

However when I tried to have them install the APK it gives an app not installed error. I have tried troubleshooting it but have came up short.

The device in question is an LG Rebel 4 running 8.1. And is using tracfone if that matters.

If anyone knows if theirs a way to get an error log or even better a way to get it working it would make my day.

Unfortunately the device is not local to me so I cannot connect it to the pc running Game Maker Studio 2.


GMC Elder
This usually happens when a prior version of the app is installed and the new app you're trying to install has a) a different signature or b) a lower version number
Thanks for the response.

I pretty sure that the issue isn't this. I was walking them through the first install in trying to troubleshoot it I looked at their installed apps and my game wasn't one of them.