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Discussion in 'Game Design, Development And Publishing' started by cadika_orade, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. cadika_orade

    cadika_orade Member

    Aug 12, 2019
    I've been trying to add Google Play Services to my game for four months. I had finally gotten GMS:2 to compile the game as an AAB file for publishing on Google Play, but in order to test Play Services I need to push at least one more update through Google Play before it will log in during USB tethering.

    The problem is that while I got the AAB to compile under GMS:2 on Steam, after adding the Play Services plugin I notice that the plugin only works with the Beta version of GMS:2, so I uninstall the Steam version and install the regular version, then uninstall the regular version and install the beta version (why isn't the Beta on Steam, and why can't I get the beta directly?) It compiles and runs over USB, but for Play Services to function I have to push a test build through Google Play so that it can install through the Google Play app.

    The problem is that since installing the GMS:2 beta gradlew only produces an APK, no AAB. It provides no error messages and completes the bundleRelease and bundleDebug tasks the same as before, but there's no AAB file produced.

    I have created support tickets which have not gotten any response after several days. I have tried to post on this forum, but all my posts are awaiting moderation after several days. There is no e-mail address or phone number by which I can reach YoYo Games. In the four months it's taken me to debug GMS:2 and try to get customer support, I could have written the game in C++ with SDL and been done with it.

    Please, YoYo Games. I've paid thousands of dollars to you guys over the years. For the first time ever, I need help. Please support your own product.
  2. AlmightyTrapGod

    AlmightyTrapGod Member

    Sep 11, 2018

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