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Android / Amazon Fire Android App Bundle and new keystore with SHA-1 - how to create?


Subject. I use .aab for now and Google Play created a new SHA-1 key for me with Android App Bundle.
For correct work of Google Services i need to use the same SHA-1 key in my game in keystore, as i think, but generating of keystore inside GMS2 gives me another SHA-1 obviously.

What i need to do? There's no guides here.

Maybe i am wrong and Google Service Extenstion not working now for other reasons, for example, i only can test services via PlayGoogle download (even after the first upload to PlayGoogle i can't use build from GMS2 to test achievement login).
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Hello! I was going to create a topic on this subject but I saw this one, I apologize if you can't do that.

I'm completely lost about this, I have my saved keysore that was created in GMS2 but I can't put my .abb in googleplay console.

I did it! just follow this video that works ^^



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