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Android / Amazon Fire Android app bundle (.aab) problem


Hello everyone.
I'm having troubles making an .aab export for the google platform.

I searched a lot on the forum and on internet to get any help, but i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong.

I was following a solution provided by a member of Yoyo games:
" Android: How To Create An App Bundle For Google Play Submissions"

I export my game using gradle 5.1.1, but then i can't find any file named "gradlew build bundleRelease -x lint "
This file is not created after i did my export.
The other issue I have is that i can't use "subst " in the windows command.
I tried to run the command as an administrator but when i hit enter it says " invalid parameter ".
I tried everything but it won't work...

My game was supposed to be released a week ago, but this new export format (.aab) isn't managed by GameMaker !
I'm really upset and frustrated, everything is ready but i can't upload my game to the play store.
I'm desperate and i need your help.
Thanks a lot in advance


Thanks curato for your answer, but this thread doesn't cover the issue i have.

I can't upload an .apk file on google play, because it's no longer supported. Instead, google created a new file extension named .aab ( android app bundle ), but game maker can't export .aab files yet.
So i followed this solution as i mentionned in my first post :


I dowloaded gradle 5 as explained, and did my export correctly. I get 4 or 5 .apk files.
But the file needed later in the tutorial is missing "gradlew build bundleRelease -x lint ".
I guess that this file is created when i export my game, but it's not created...
So at this stage, i don't know what to do...
I have only 2 options, following this tutorial or wait for an implemented .aab export fort GMS2...
The problem is that I need to upload my game as soon as possible.
So if anyone can help me to make a propoer .aab file, I will be very grateful !
Thank you
gradlew build bundleRelease -x lint is not a file. I have some problem with AAB too but depends from Google about the APK Expansion. So I'm on MAC and gradlew is the exec of cradle to start compile ( he say the corresponding exec in windows too).
build bundleRelease -x lint are just parameters. I'm able to create AAB but don't know how to attach the zip file from the APK Expansion.