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Android 1.4 64 bit Solution???


Hi! I just wanted to share what I've been thinking about recently. Maybe a solution to export to 64 bit.

Well, all the yoyo libraries are at <GameMaker Location>\Android\runner\ProjectFiles\src\main\jniLibs right? GMS 2 has 64-bit libraries already, so what if you copy them over to there? But then modify the build.gradle files to also export a 64 bit .apk and use these 64-bit libraries.

I just cannot execute this, because I don't have GMS 2 and I know nothing about gradle and all that. Is it even possible to? Hopefully this all made sense...

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
You need to buy GMS2 to export to 64 bit android. What you are asking isn't legal, and also 64-bit *.so libraries will not work without a 64 bit executable.