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Android Anagrammer Arcade



Hey guys :)

Anagrammer Arcade is a collection of fun and unique word games.
The games are best for Scrabble players who are looking to expand their wordbank a bit and have fun at the same time, but if you like word games, or want to try something a bit different, you'll definitely have fun nonetheless!

The arcade is technically a completed game, but it wlll definitely get more games and features added to it over time, (as and when I figure out what to add next) but I do have plans to add multiplayer play once i get enough downloads.

There are 8 games in the arcade currently:

- Anablitz, a hard core anagramming game for Scrabble players
- Scrab Slots, a word game infused into a slot machine
- S Wave, perfect for Scrabble players who want to know words that don't take an S behind
- Balancing Act, A game that focuses on rack management and trains the mind.
- Texas Hold em up Scrabble - It's poker, using letters instead of numbers.
- Lucksack Battle - The term 'lucksack' is an inherently singaporean term meaning someone who is miraculously lucky, and of course, you know what battle means.

- Scrablapse - Ever wanted to try the classic Collapse using letters? Well, here you go.
- Scrabjack - Blackjack using letters, a highly challenging game.

Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.JGBBGGames.AnagrammerArcade
Website : http://jgbbggames.blogspot.sg/2016/07/anagrammer-arcade.html

Landing Page

Game Selection Screen
game select SS2small.png

Screenshot of Scrab Slots, one of the games
slots SSsmall.png

Screenshot of Scrabjack, one of the games
blackjack SSsmall.png