Free An Uninvited Guest - A Short 2D horror/puzzle game


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This is the first time I am sharing a game on the forum so here I go...

An Uninvited Guest is a short horror game that I made for the HQ residential house game jam on Itch made in the course of a month.

You play as Keith Lafferty, a person who recently bought a new home in Detroit, Michigan whom he just found out that it is supposedly haunted due to the previous owner dying from mysterious circumstances. But Keith doesn't believe in ghosts. Are the rumors true or are they a bunch of hogwash? The truth may surprise you!

An Uninvited Guest is a game that respects your intelligence and does not hold your hand. The house is filled with puzzles that require some out of the box thinking, and you must follow the clues in the Memory Clouds of the previous owner to discover the houses dark ultimate secret.

Play time: 15 to 20 minutes. It strongly depends on how good you are at solving puzzles. Five minutes once you know all the answers.

Warning: This game contains some strong language, violence and jump scares.

Download here:

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Immerse yourself in the dark story and expect the unexpected.

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Explore every nook and cranny of the house under its dark and foreboding atmosphere.

Have fun.