An simple idea that would benefit new users and the forum


King of Raccoons
I've been a member of the forum for almost 3 years now, I've posted many topics, guides (well one thats about Pm memes)
but sometimes I have a topic of discussion and just really dont know a good place for it! So I had an idea that im suggesting, now that @Nocturne is doing site improvements.
what if there was some thing for help in where to put your topic.


Here is a dirty mock-up of my idea, it would be like a poll
except depending on your choice it would go into more detail IE( is your project in GMS1 or 2, Is your topic appropriate?, ect.. ect..)
I know this is a lot of hard work to throw onto the already huge amount for Nocturne
But I really think this would improve the forum and clear up that ugly spot in the create-a-thread

Just a suggestion/idea I had, let me know what you think.
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This is a nice idea, but I really don't think the work it requires would be worth it... We really don't get many posts in the wrong sections, and those that do are generally moved pretty quick when a moderator sees it... So, while it's a good idea, it's not something I'll be doing right now. But thanks for the suggestion!