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 An option to add events from "Open All Event Scripts" view


I downloaded the GMS2 demo, and after about 30 mins of use I'm finding it quite intuitive.

I'm REALLY glad that the "Open All Event Scripts" feature exists (when right-clicking on an object). What I was wondering was: could there be an option to add events directly from this view (something like a "+" icon next to the existing event tabs). Furthermore, would it be possible to have the first tab in this view always be object properties? It seems like a logical extention of how it's already working.

Anyway, I'm very happy with GMS2 thus far and appreciate all the hard work that is being put into it :)

Some more feedback after further use:
  • When you place instances in the room editor you can paint them down, though there doesn't seem to be a way delete them in the same fashion. You can hold BACKSPACE and click them individually one by one, but that takes a bit longer.
  • When painting instances if you drag quickly it skip grid cells. This isn't a big deal, but I could imagine it helping if GMS2 determined what cells had been skipped.

Those things are only small things... the new room editor is amazing! I like that you can hold SHIFT to make rectangular selections.

Edit 2:
GMS2 just crashed :p

I had left it open in the room editor, and probably after about an hour of being open it brought up a "GMS2 has stopped working" Windows message. I wasn't using it at the time. My computer is an i7 Processor, with plenty of RAM, so I don't believe it was memory based. The only setting I had adjusted was setting the display to 90% of the native DPI. Maybe it was a once-off crash, but thought I'd mention it anyway. I don't really mind it crashing... as long as it doesn't crash when saving!

Edit 3:
Have left it on the room editor in the background for about an hour again and it hasn't crashed. So that's good.
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