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Legacy GM An endless runner like Turbo Pug



Hi everyone,

I've just started thinking through how I might make an endless runner. I'd quite like to make something similar to Turbo Pug:

I'm unsure how the developers did something like this? The terrain is procedurally generated, but there seem to be set blocks which are repeated
. So it's not just like the length of each segment is changed randomly - each segment appears to have the same length. How should I go about building my blocks? Is it a case of designing block templates for each possible scenario (so having loads of different sprites)? Or is there a more efficient way?

Here's some code I've written so far, using the several sprite method. This is just in a platform generator:
if (platform_inst.bbox_right <= 640)
    switch (range) {
    case 0:
        platform_inst = instance_create(room_width+32, 640, obj_ground_long);
        platform_inst.hsp = platform_speed;
        range = irandom_range(1,3) //no two blocks repeat consecutively
    case 1:
        platform_inst = instance_create(room_width+32, 640, obj_ground_parts);
        platform_inst.hsp = platform_speed;   
        range = choose(0,2,3); 
     case 2:       
        platform_inst = instance_create(room_width+32, 640, obj_parts_2);
        platform_inst.hsp = platform_speed;
        range = choose(0,1,3);
     case 3:       
        platform_inst = instance_create(room_width+32, 640, obj_ground_top);
        platform_inst.hsp = platform_speed;
        range = irandom_range(0,2);