GMS 2.3+ An efficent way to crash a game instantly?

So I'm working on a game that has a lot of external text-files with my own custom "scripting language" in them. Just to make the game support community mods . So I would like to be able to crash the game if player has made an error in the file he's created.
I know that I can force the game to an end with show_error -function but I just hate how it looks. It's just messy and confusing for a possible mod developer as he doesn't need to know about events and stuff inside the game's source code. Another method would be simply to just use game_end and exit but firstly it would only terminate the ongoing script but not the rest of the event. Also some other objects will also get a chance to execute their code before the game actually ends. So this method would also eventually lead to a Game Maker's own error message as the rest of the game won't function properly unless this script is executed completely.

I've also coded my own debug-log for the game and it wouldn't be saved if I would let the game crash "naturally" with the game_end and exit -combination.

This isn't a serious problem, I know, but it annoys me soooo much. :D


GM 2.3 has throw statements, like many other dynamic languages. By default, they show an error like show_error does, but you could use exception_unhandled_handler to supply your own error handler which terminates without showing the user the message.