Windows An Aspie Life Beginnings - RPG / BEAT EM' UP about Mental Health in an derelict town!


An Aspie Life Beginnings is a 2D Action, BEAT ‘EM UP, RPG. That focuses on exploring ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other mental disorders. Set in a small town on an island far, far away,
that’s fallen into disrepair and despair. It’s up to three young kids to solve a decade long mystery and discover more about themselves in the process. Along the way, they will meet a
range of characters, each dealing with their own little part world. It's up to you to solve, help and restore this town from far away.

Beginnings is the prequel to An Aspie Life
You can play it on steam

----- LATEST BUILD -----
Play the latest build rn!
Will be bugs, etc

---- Latest Devlog ----

---- ABOUT ----
Beginnings uses a range of innovative gameplay mechanics to put you in the shoes of these young adventures.
By using a range of visual, audio and gameplay cues, that will guide you through the world.
Some of these are:

-- Conversation battles --

Talk and interact with every character through an RPG styled battle. Where you can choose non-verbal, verbal and books to create messages that you then ask people.

-- Meltdown battles --

Face your fears, your darkest emotions. By beating up monsters that represent your darkest feelings. In the process defeating the negative emotions that have overcome you.

-- Character selection --

Play as 3 characters throughout your adventure, you can change between them at any time. And get to see how they interact with the world.

An Aspie Life Beginnings is being developed for PCs and in the future hopefully switch and consoles. Join our discord to stay turned!

---- Links ----

OG Game on steam






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The animations are looking good! I would recommend you to work on the reflection of the sun in the water since it looks fake, but the rest looks super nice
HEY THERE, people, it’s #screenshotsaturday time again!

Wow, the last few weeks have been hectic, Uni, Go4203 and Young ICT. I can hardly keep up!

Even with all this going on I have been working slowly on the game. The characters now have path following AI, correct collision boxes/checking and I’m now working on the game settings.

The development of this game is taking a lot longer than I first thought, but so far it’s looking really cool!

See ya next time!

Enderlost studios
It’s a new week, Oh my! Another #screenshotsaturday.
This week I have some fantastic news to share with you. AN ASPIE LIFE will be at PAX AUS this year! As part of a new exhibition called NEXT.

Considering this I have developed a new trailer for PAX Aus.
As the beginnings, there has been some new features added and I’m still working on it. But I will tell you more about that next week. What I’m currently working on should be done by then, it’s really cool.

Well See you next week!


It’s been a while, like 2 weeks I think? Well, I haven’t been doing nothing! In that time, I’ve been working on the RPG battles. The good news is the systems are almost done and it’s onto the fun stuff…

Coding and drawing all the battle move and a few monsters! This is where things get really creative!

The JRPG battles in An Aspie Life Beginnings will focus around elemental powers. Each character has their own element, and this will be the focus of their power. It’s a pretty common RPG system. But to spice things up a bit, I’m adding a system called SPEED BOOST!

SPEED BOOST! Can be achieved by letting the turn timer energise 2 times without doing any attach. SPEED BOOST! will increase the attack damage you can deal to enemies. But in that time, you have to wait, you might get attached at by an enemy.

There are also a few more small tweaks to make combat interesting and fun but still simple to pick up and play.

In music in the video below is only a placeholder by the way.

Well, see you guys next week!



Oh, interesting. I've seen and read a comic about aspie at Tapas. I guess this project is related to that comic then?

Hello there once again!

A little late to #screenshotsaturday this week. But I wanted to finish what I was working on. Probably not the greatest idea, (now I’m behind on Uni work ☹).

Anyway, this week has brought some of the greatest improvements to the JRPG battles. We now have enemy’s that can fire at you… and make you lose EP points. I’ve also added fainting animations for each character when those points = 0.

I’ve also conducted a lot of work behind the scenes getting systems ready for the major attacks.​

Hey there guys!

I’m off to PAX Aus tomorrow to show off An Aspie Life as part of the NEXT exhibition. If anyone is going to Pax AUS I hope to see you there!
Anyway, onto the game!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been working on the game’s RPG combat. Right now, I’m working on the ‘moods’ that can occur in battle. These are confusion, sleeping and possession. Confusion will cause the character to attach other allies. Sleeping will make the character fall asleep, unable to attach. And finally, possession is sort of the same as confusion but, there is no chance of them attaching the enemy while possessed.

I’ve got a list of everything else that needs to be implemented… and it’s very long.

Anyway, I hope to see some people at PAX AUS!
See you next week!​

Oh man! It’s about time you did another ‘late’ #screenshotsaturday! Well, here I am once again bringing the news in new content!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been working on a lot of behind the scenes code, stuff that will help me in the future. But as you can see in the video, you can now fail a battle or claim victory.

I’m very happy with how the result screens turned out, and they look clean and simple but still give you the right amount of information.
Outside of that not much more to report on. As I said a lot of it is in the back end, controls etc.

Anyway, see yeah next week!​
Well, this week I’ve made some major improvements to the game. Items now work during battles, something that I’ve been trying to get to work for a while now. But here they are all with their own animations and ‘effects’.

From here I’m going to work on the magic attacks and major attacks. This is going to be tedious with HOW much animation I’m going to have to do, but it must be done.

Any thoughts on the items and their animations?

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Hey there again!

This week as been really productive in the development of the new game. Last week I finally got most of the groundwork done in the JRPG battles. So, this week I’ve been messing around with adding new attacks!
There is still a lot more to go, now with these attacks, I can start to balance some of the gameplay. One step closer to releasing an early build.
But hey, what do you think about them?

On another note, a reminder that An Aspie life has been nominated in the Australian Game Awards for Australian developed game! If you want to vote, get it in fast!

Well, see ya all next week!​

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
I was diagnosed with asperger's by a counselor because I argued with my parents. Or rather, I used to quite a lot. Doesn't exactly happen that much anymore. But I gotta say, I'm glad the guy who does my meds disagrees that I have it. I'm not over sensative to loud noises. I do get afraid of meeting new people at social events but that (being shy) is pretty normal. When I get to know people and get comfortable around them, (which usually takes a couple minutes of actually talking to them, nothing more) it really isn't that difficult. I can go to the "outside world" or the grocery store and sh*t without being afraid in the slightest. I really feel that if a person really has any of these issues they should be diagnosed with it, but I think in my former counselor's case he was abusing his authority as someone who could technically put labels stamped foreheads that people like me have to live with for life, even though his perception of reality was very skewed as he never got to see me mature into an adult that is no longer a hormonally-driven crazy teenager. Teens argue with parents. I've seen people who weren't diagnosed do much worse things, some things one might consider crazy or beyond retarded. Rant over.

The game has interesting visuals. More specifically your color choices. I wish you the best of luck on the project.
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365 days ago, An Aspie Life was released into the wild! So, on this first anniversary, I want to say thank you to all of you who followed that and the upcoming games development and of course played it. So, Thank you!

Well hey there again! For this weeks #screenshotsaturday i finished the school and its background! One thing I have learnt over this project so far, is that good art takes time. What I mean is my vision of the game is… VERY BIG! And as such the amount of backgrounds and detail I have to draw is far greater than the first time. So, it feels like it’s taking 3 times as long… and it because there is 3 times the amount of work with 3 times more detail. Regardless I’m picking away at it when I can between uni and slowly it’s starting to take form.

Now I’ve started work on the outside playground for the school and some of the characters that will populate it.

See ya next week!


An Aspie Life Beginnings #screenshotsaturday

Hey there guys, it’s been some time.

Uni has been getting in the way, but I have been working on it whenever I get the chance. But I’ve almost completed the intro to the main part of the game. Only a little bit more to go until I release the first build. It’s really a great feeling seeing the characters that I’ve had in my head for so many years finally start to come alive inside the game.

Development will start up again through the upcoming holidays. The plan is to finish the battle system.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on.

See ya guys soon.
Hey there again!

Well, today’s a special day! This #screenshotsaturday the first Build of the game has finally been released!

The current build takes you through the opening to the game. No JRPG battles just yet.

In celebration I’ve made a small trailer.

Hey there people!
You know how last time I said, I wasn’t going to die?

Well, guess I did in the end lol!

Anyway, hello there again, I’m back now that Uni has settled down! And what’s even better, is with a game that’s almost HALF DONE!

Yes, core mechanics where complete awhile ago, and since then I have been working on working out the scale of the world and places you will visit. Unfortunately, I have had to scale back the story a bit because I want to get this project DONE!

Luckily most of the locations I have cut, I was having difficulty working into the setting and story.

But outside of that, as you can see. I have reworked the art style one last time and I think I’ve hit the bar for the pixel art I want to meet. Also, most of the JRPG attacks are now complete. Only 7 more to do out of 28 attacks! And from there is will just be some polish and getting the day and night-time graphics to work. AND WE ARE THERE!

Well see you guys soon… unless I die again!


Hey there!
Well it’s been a bit of time, I mostly got out of the rhythm of posting updates as the games size and scale began to degrade my investment in the project.
Now I’m back! But not without some major changes to the core project. The first change is the turn-based JRPG mechanics have been cut from the game. Along with the size of the story. This is all down to decreasing the size of the game into something I can manage.
I’ll explain the rest of where I have been, and what’s happened to the project in an upcoming Devlog YouTube series.
Welcome back to yet another #ScreenShotSaturday! This week we take a look at the new battle system called meltdowns. In this, the player will have to defeat the ‘emotion monsters’ inside that room. They can do this by running up to and attacking them. The monsters will try to attack back, but the player has a doge button that allows them to get away quickly. Once the monsters about to die, a slow-motion final action shot occurs just as the monster dies.

Been working on making this new battle system feel powerful and engaging to interact with. I think this week I finally nailed it. From here I’m going to keep working on this mechanic and the AI for the enemies.
See you guys next time!​
Well, it’s #screenshotsaturday time again!!

In this #screenshotsaturday I’m showing off the new and finalized ‘Meltdown Battles’. These battles took far less time to develop than the RPG battles. And I wish I did this from the get-go lol.

So, in these battles, you can choose between each of the 3 characters. They all have their own move sets and animations. Such as Hotaru and her larger hit radius or Thaules with his higher defense. The player must defeat all the enemies on the screen, by running up and hitting them until their health is depleted.

With each strike the player increases a POW meter, once it is full, they can unleash a MEGA attack on the enemies.
I wanted to give that battles a sort of comic book vibe. So, add the POW and block action pops to really enforce this sense of raw power with each strike.

The enemies Ai Is fully adaptive, and I can just change a few vars to give them a different Ai routine. This is helped a lot to cut down on coding when adding more enemies. But yeah, it’s all come together and I’m really happy with it, there is a little work to still do. Mostly adding the MEGA attacks and fixing some collision bugs.

See ya, people, next time!

It’s Saturday again boi!

AKA another #screenshotsaturday update!

Since last week my goal was to complete the Meltdown battles and polish them up! This week I managed to implement the MEGA attacks and did a lot of cleaning up to the Collison detection system. In one part of the video, you can see a tone of metros come flying down onto the enemy. That is one of the MEGA attacks. These attacks only can be spawned once the players ‘mega meter’ (needs a better name…) is full.

Outside of battles, the player can set up each character with what mega attacks they will spawn within the battle. Through the game, players can get more attacks by finding locked chests. This mechanic will add some flexibility and player choice to the simple battles. As well as be how players get to have a heal ability.

So, once I got that sorted, I went back and cleaned up my code, just to make it more usable and less buggy. And finally started the polishing process. Once again, I am in the process that is the less exciting to update you on.
Well, that’s all for now, see you, people, next week!

And so we return for another week of #screenshotsaturday.

With the core mechanics all implemented, I’ve now turned my focus onto polishing up the code and fixing bugs. In order to do this, I have moved over to GameMaker Studio 2 and abandoned the old engine. This has led to a few capability issues between the project files. But that is why I am doing it right now while I am polishing the game.

The benefit of moving to the new engine is a better debugger. Along with better performance in the game. I hadn’t moved until now because I so use to the old engine.

When it comes to the game, these last 2 weeks I’ve been adding a lot of environmental effects to give the world life. Such as day-night cycles, dynamic plants, dynamic shadows, and the list goes on and on. This is all in an effort to help immerse the player into the game’s world. As that is the goal of any game, especially one with such a large and detailed environment.

On top of this we just have just opened a new discord server for An Aspie Life and other games we have made.
See you all next time!

Finally, just this week I have released the first Devlog on An Aspie Life Beginnings. The plan is to release a new Devlog ever month.

So you can check that out here


Hello there and welcome back to another #screenshotsaturday. This week the focus has been on revamping the conversation battles Ui and input system. In preparation for the story and character text.

This new system is designed to add more flexibility and creativity for the player to experiment with all different types of inputs. These can be non-verbal, verbal and book. And these can combine together for the player to create their own messages.

The way that characters will respond to the messages will be based on what is includes inside that message. So, a contradiction will confuse a character if, for instance, the non-verbal body language is giving signs of stress and NO. While the verbal is positive and saying YES.

By next week I hope to have most of this new system completed but don’t hold me to it
See you all next week!

Come join the Discord to help the project grow!
- Discord:



Hey, i tried your game.

Very impressive visuals :)
I cant really say much about gameplay since game froze after intro credits.
Fast forwarding dialog would be good. Had to sit through same dialog since i missed train in beginning.
Hey there guys, and welcome for another #screenshotsaturday for the end of February.

In this update, I’m showing off the completed conversation battle system and the new background animations. This is a major milestone, as now HAVE NO MORE THINGS TO FIX UP! I keep saying I am done, but I always find something new to improve. But now really, I have nothing else to work on. So, with that, it’s now on to developing the story and then FINISHING THE GAME!

The new mechanics really help add more flexibility to the gameplay experience. Therefore, helping keep players engaged throughout the run time.

But yeah with that we are onto the story, and I’ll try to not spoil to much during the development of this phase.

Well see you guys next week!

As you can see, a new logo!


I wanted the new logo to really tell you what kind of game it is.
Therefore I decided to add clouds, to give it a sense of cold, high and light.
Then added the banner, to gives a sense of old, and rustic.

Finally added the mountain in the BG to show the main plot of the game. and the environment it is set in!

What do you think about it?​


Ice and snow

Adding more details to bring the world alive. The water uses a system of 5 layers to add depth. Gamemakers Studios 2 new layer system helps tremendously

This new water uses a system of 5 layers to add depth to the water. Given An Aspie, Life Beginnings is set in an icy snowy land. The water needed to sell this. Here is how I did it:​
Finally, everything has a shader added to change the color pallet based on the time of day.
YEE so that's how I get the effect to work. If you want to know more check out the discord.

what do you think?

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Hey there again and welcome back to another #screenshotsaturday!

This week the world has started to become alive. The focus was to develop the overworld map, it’s locations, people and zones. I begin with developing the islands and water that would surround them. I wanted the water to have a very icy feeling to it. Therefore it needed a lot of animation to pull off an icy sea.

After that, I moved my attention to the mainland and began to develop the villages. I was in between using tiles or hand drawing everything. In the end, I did a mixture. Houses and locations were hand-drawn. Meanwhile, trees, rocks etc used tiles. Basically, things that could be repeated without the player noticing much. I think the end result of this is pretty effective.
From here it’s to developing the 5 levels inside the first town that the player can explore.

This week I tested a new system on my social media platforms, by posting at least every 2 days with whatever art or stuff I had down. I felt it was really helpful in sharing what my creative process was, and also a good motivation to get this art done. So, I’ll continue it next week. Let me know your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

It helps a lot, see you next week!​

Hello there again!

Well here I am talking to you from my stockpiled storage room, I have yet another #screenshotsaturday to share with you!
This week I have the new docks to show off. Been spending all week on this, adding a lot of texture to the room. The mindset I used in making this room, was if the player feels like they're at the seaside… then I have achieved my goal.

Therefore adding a lot of snow, and cold colors the flow and clash with the water below gives that cold and chilling feeling. To let those colors flow and interact with the sea, that clashes and bangs against the rocks and beams emits that feeling.

I also added a bunch of birds, cause seagull are such a staple of the seaside... You just must have them. Not to mention they give the player something to play around with.

So, what do you think about the docks?
Well, that’s it for this week… Back to my bunker, I go!!​

Hello, it’s been a while.
I finished yet another semester of UNI, so I can finally divert my effort back into the game. I apologize for going dark for so long. But hey, let’s cut to the chase!
Been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes. New shadow system, new levels, rooms, and characters. The focus right now is developing the story. I want to get the first chapter done by at least September. This would allow me to put the game into early access and begin to release builds regally. That’s the hope at least.
I will be getting back into the routine of publishing more on social media from now on. So, stay tuned for more!​

Hello there again! Welcome back to another #screenshotsaturday! This week I was feeling a little burnt out. So, I decided to implement mini-games into the main game. These mini-games offer the player some downtime between events. They also help to flesh out the time period and atmosphere of the houses.

As you can see, I designed the games around the Atari 2600, given the game is set in the last 70’s, early 80’s. This was the most appropriate console to develop for. It was in fact hard to develop a game with a 2600 style. Simply down to emulating the limitations of the console. We are so use to the fact, that we can do anything. Having to think about the limitations and how that will translate into gameplay and graphics in order to make it look like an Atari game. It was a lot harder than I thought but was pretty fun to work out.

From here I am going to implement more of the story. As well as expand the mines with more levels and a boss. Turning it into the first dungeon.
But yeah, progress is happening.

See ya next time!


Enderlost Studios​

Hey there once again!
For the last few weeks, I have been working on adding new environments to the game. The latest of these environments is the Forest. While not the most original location, it is important in helping glue the world together. It will mostly be used as a crossroads between locations, and to give the player areas they can perform battles.

To help give off the feeling of a large environment, I put over a week of development into the background. This was to ensure to give off that feeling of being deep in a forest, and that all the sprites blended correctly.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome! What do you think?​