Android Amelies Magical Book


Flappy Dappy Games

Hi, I just downloaded and played your game, and I think it's a good start, however I do have some feedback for you on things that can be improved.

That's cool you are doing a mahjong/solitaire game, I was actually planning on doing a solitaire game for our next game.

-So, first things first, I downloaded the game and was met with a google prompt saying that "Amelies Magical Book wanted to know my age range and language, share google + profile information and view and manage my game activity as well as view my basic profile info. So I did what I always do when I meet these things, I deny it and see what happens. Well, when I denied it, it just asked me to pick an account again and when I did it prompted me for this info again. So then I backed out and it said there was an error during sign in but then the game loaded up. In the case of other people who download your game, some people will uninstall it when prompted by this stuff, just an fyi. If you are okay with that then no biggie. The other thing, as I said the game loaded after this "error during sign in" message and I was able to play. Now, i'm not sure if you do, but if you use this to cloud save the game or have dependencies on google play, say for example the game doesn't save now, you will get negative reviews.

-Okay, on to my next criticism, you need more user feedback. For example in the room with the tree where you pick the levels, I hit the book and nothing happens, no message as to what it is, I hit the coin, same thing, I hit the chest and there is audio that says "not enough money" but what if I had audio all the way down, which is very common on phones. Even hitting the level, a box with the number 1 pops up but it's not immediately clear you are supposed to hit the 1. So I think this could be presented better. Then, when you are in the level, there isn't any info on what a new player should be doing, like most of these games come with a basic tutorial, hit this piece now this piece etc., It makes a difference, and I didn't know what I was doing at first and I had to figure it out. Some players will get frustrated with that and uninstall the app.

Once I was playing the game, the effects for removing pieces were nice and I don't think they need any more work. The audio worked well with that also.

-Another thing and maybe most important of all, when I beat the level the screen went black and was stuck in that black screen mode. I had to clear the game from memory and load it up again to keep playing.

Anyhow, that's my two cents. Good luck with the game!