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Hi everyone! So I've been working on a free alternative for doing mirror/symmetrical drawing and created "amariah" using Game Maker Studio. I've used it to create images for games made in Unity, 3D Game Studio, and of course Game Maker Studio and some games are freely downloadable on the main site as well. It's in beta so it may not look like much but I've used it to create all the images on the amariah website and the sample artwork below in the post

You can get the art software at by scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page if you don't want to read over its features and see example artwork. There are no ads on this website.

To download it will ask for your name, (you can put in anything), and a valid email address. The software will be delivered by email. Your email is only used to deliver the download and you are not put on a list and your email will not be shared or marketed nor will you be contacted again unless you initiate contact.

Artwork created with amariah

The amariah logo

The texture for the Pirate flag was made in amariah

Created for a race flag mod for Galactic Civilizations III PC Game

I was going to call it Mirrored Imagination but decided on amariah

Used in a game created in Unity

Just having fun
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