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Question - IDE ALT + Insert (Duplicate Item Hotkey) only works on one resource at a time

When duplicating items in Resource Tree the keyboard shortcut ALT + INSERT only works to duplicate an item when a single item is selected. If multiple items are selected, pressing ALT + INSERT will not duplicate them, just an error beep sound happens.

If I want to duplicate a multiple selection of items, I have to use the mouse context menu to do so.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or a feature?

NOTE: It's not really a concern for me as I don't think I would use this feature often in a real world project. I just noticed it when I was trying to replicate a possible bug by creating as many resources as quickly as I could when starting with a blank project.


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It's not a bug.... it was never requested, so never added. Since 1.x never had this I doubt anyone has ever noticed or wanted it.