Legacy GM Alpha Blended Surfaces

I'm presently working on a project right now and am looking for a way to apply png transparency to a surface.

When I draw everything on the same surface, there's no problem. BUT when I draw a surface on another, that's where I get the problem.

I first fill my surface with fuschia (for example) then delete the fuschia color. I tried using black and I tried using white but that does not do anything. I want my draw png's transparency drawn on a surface and be able to see through it so I can see my other surface behind. Here's a little example on what I'm trying to achieve.

Can someone provide me with a code to try because I'm starting to believe my code is just not the right one. Thank you GM Community!


I always had problems with an actual transparent image so I fake it. In your case I would have made 2 images. Small, non transparent inner black circle and a larger outer circle which I would draw and then mess with the Alpha. Make their x/y positions be the same and presto. It does what you are wanting. Now granted...this is how I hack that. I'm sure there is a WAY better way of doing it but it's a start until the "correct" way comes along. =o)~
I just can't believe GMS cannot support alpha blend with surfaces. The problem with cheating with these is that the pictures get dissaligned. I get a small 1 pixel gap between my redrawn background and my actual alpha sprite and it just does not work.