Steam Alpha & Beta is Released in Steam(v.1.0.2 Update is Coming Soon)

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    Game Summray:

    Alpha & Beta is a 2d platform game for those who love old style platform games but with a few touches on this old style, the most important features are the high degree of difficulty and the promise of a satisfying gaming experience with a long gameplay time

    Story Summary:

    Alpha and Beta are two brothers, but because of Alpha's greed and efficacy, the two brothers became hostile to each other and challenged each other to death. Let's see who's winning

    Game Features:

    - 9 worlds, 36 levels, 8 boss fights and 4 special levels

    - 19 different enemies, traps and a little puzzling

    - A satisfying gaming experience with a high level of difficulty

    - Compatible graphics and music that will allow you to easily enter the atmosphere of the game

    - Simple controls

    - Chances of experiencing a lot of character with 7 different stronger and 4 different weakener


    ss_9e3e0c94f2130efdd39a978af57b406aabaebc81.jpg ss_36acd2371be1803d8923fde26ace8f4dbd8f0ace.1920x1080.jpg ss_d2f800cf546bc762ea67dbaa1b8d8c6de2993d37.jpg ss_a194cb4cf698423aa09e98e32252319664856a10.jpg ss_c1db8c776bb646cdb191e19e272f1e39a4d53ed1.jpg

    Gameplay Videos:

    Note: I recommend watching the video in 720p resolution
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