Android All of my sprite got subpixels only on my phone!!! HELP D:



Guys, I was making an android game but no matter how I resize or change how big and small the sprite are, there were still subpixels in my sprite! HELP

I am sure that the size of all sprite is a whole number

how do I fix these? and why the other doesn't counter this problem... Btw, the subpixels doesn't show up in the pc, but it only show out on my phone D:

and I also uncheck the Interpolate colors between pixels in the android graphic settings...


What you're talking about is not clear at all. Your sprite size doesn't have anything to do with how its displayed on screen.
You seem to have a scaling problem. Blur or graphical deformation will occurs as soon as your scaling isn't respecting screen ratio or again, that you scale by any other factor than an integer.