Released Alexander Julian: Credit Course - High School Turned 2D Platformer


Alex Lyons

Alexander Julian: Credit Course is a game where the many classes of PCM High School come in the form of challenging obstacle courses. Dodge knives and collect ingredients in Foods class! Be inside of a calculator for Algebra class! Be in the 1950's in American History! High school is an adventure.

The game operates like many 2D platform games. You can move left and right. You can also jump. The only goal you have is to dodge all sorts of obstacles and make it to the door. You start out in a tutorial level, but once you're taken to the menu, you have a choice of six classes in the Freshmen Year set. After each grade is completed, you move onto the next. Beating all four of the grades will unlock Challenge Mode, which is a marathon of the other levels with only one life.

Be sure to play, rate, and give feedback on this title! That way, I know what kind of games you all want me to make in the future.

Click the thumbnail below to play the game! :D

or alternatively:
This is pretty good! I've been following your games since I randomly found your account on the old Yoyo Games sandbox. I'm assuming those were pretty old but they reminded me of when I first started using GM. I have to say, you've come a long way.
Anyways, I found a bug. It's minor, but worth fixing imo.
In the Design levels you can push a rock on to the corner of the edge and it gets stuck, making it impossible to complete the level. It looks like you used a precise collision mask for the sprite, so it can probably be fixed by just making the mask a square. I attached a screenshot

omg did you also do that thing where you have to make an animal??


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