Alpha Alchementalist - A spell crafting, element mining roguelike

Alchementalist is a procedurally generated roguelike dungeon crawler. At the start of each run, you have access to some fairly standard spells, relating to the four elements fire, water, wind, and earth. As you delve deeper into the dungeon you'll encounter various ores (which also coincide with the four elements). These ores can be mined by attacking them with your spells and depending on which spell element you are using, alongside the element of the ore, you'll get different materials from them. Enemies also have a chance of dropping enemy-specific materials. These materials can be used to craft upgrades for your spells (and occasionally your person) or even to craft totally new spells.

Your spells also affect the actual game world and as you upgrade and combine your spell effects, you'll get access to more and more elemental effects. Here's an early example of basic fire and water spells being combined to create steam, which makes entities inside it invisible:

There's a large variety of enemies to fight your way through and they have powers that, if not the same as yours, are at least equal, which means you can combine your spells elemental effect with that of the enemies for emergent chaos in the heat of battle.

Hidden deep within the secret lore of the wise, lie tales of an ancient order of mages. Theirs was a life lived in the depths of the earth and they delved vast subterranean cities, plumbing the ancient rock for the magical elements that where formed from the bones of the world. One element they prized above all others. They called it the Ember-source and they craved and treasured it, for it was both beautiful and powerful.

It was from this desired element that the name of their order came to be: Ember-mages. No one living knows why or how they vanished from this world, but vanish they did, and today their magnificent caverns lie in ruins, with only death and danger inhabiting them. Magical experiments and powerful abominations guard their secrets from those who dwell above. However, their tales and the seeds of truth that may be contained within have always attracted the brave and the foolhardy. You consider yourself both, and you have vowed to find the truth behind the veil of legend. The journey will be long and black and many dangers await. But, perhaps, at the end of the descent, when you have passed through much toil and weariness, lies a treasure beyond reckoning.

The Ember-source beckons, Alchementalist.

WIP Screenshots

Testing the dash wind spell

Getting attacked by Ice Hoppers and testing out fire's ability to destroy ice patches

Testing out the shockwave fire spell

Very earlier proof of concept test with fire spreading
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Here's a very quick rundown of the elemental combination effects I've got in the game so far:
Now I've got the 4 base elements sorted, I'm kind of debating whether or not to add secondary level interactions (such as magma + water or ice + fire) as I said in the video. I'll list the combinations so far below and if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be interested to hear them.

Base Elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
Fire + Water = Steam
Fire + Wind = Storm
Fire + Earth = Magma
Water + Wind = Ice
Water + Earth = Slime
Wind + Earth = Dust


I've been watching your steady updates in your status posts for a while and I'm glad to finally see a WIP post. Very excited for a future update with a demo when the time comes, but as I've seen you're being pretty thoughtful about the core mechanics and design.

The aesthetic looks great as well! I've found it challenging to really juice up and mix in rotations and such in a game that relies on scaled up pixel art. You've done well so far, none of it is jarring or out of place.

Looking forward to more!
Hahaha, I've been in the "a few more days till I can release a demo" for like 2 weeks now. The main problem is there's a lot of connective tissue missing that makes it a "proper" experience. Hopefully I'll be able to cobble it all together enough to justify a demo in "a few more days".