GMS 2 Alarm Problems


Hello all. I have been coding for a few months but have just discovered alarms. I started simple with a "if space bar clicked, set alarm 0 countdown 5 seconds." then in the alarm 0 tab, go to next room. But what happened was that when i clicked spaced it instantly went to the next room. I tried a few strategies such as first checking for the temp_var and if it is zero moving to the next room, but i got varying results from not moving at all to waiting one second then going to the next room. idk whats up. Any help?


"if space bar clicked, set alarm 0 countdown 5 seconds."
What number did you set with alarm[0]= ?? 5?

The number you assign is not in seconds, it's in game steps. If you want 5 seconds, you need 5 * room_speed

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This is a perfect example of why you should always post the actual code (what you're actually doing) instead of just a description of what you're doing (what you think you're doing).

The two don't always match, as much as you'd like them to... :)


yeah that makes sense. i dont think i can change room speed while using drag and drop, so i just assumed it was seconds. Thanks for the help!