AJ's Quest


Download: https://kiyl.itch.io/ajs-quest
AJ's Quest is a 2D action-puzzle game. This game is what Chip's Challenge would be if it had combat.

Arrow Keys: Movement
Shift: Run/Interact
WASD: Attack

Originally created in Gamemaker Studio 1.4 I am currently in the process of moving this project into 2.3, which will hopefully be out when I finish the game.
This demo contains a single dungeon and shows off one enemy and a boss.
Your goal is to find the dagger inside a chest, find a heart upgrade if you explore a bit, then find the key to unlock the path to the boss.

My original goal was to create an open world game but I found out that was too ambitious.
The final game will have 7 dungeons, 7 bosses, 7 enemies, and 4 weapon types.

For now I would appreciate any feedback you have about this game.
Specifically about the controls, I know that the controls may be a little hard at first.