Windows AI Museum installation


Gamemaker taught me to program. I started around 2016 making indie games, Drift 84 actually, which is on the 'made using gamemaker' page on the yoyo website.

I quit my job and started making art full time about a year and a half ago. Literally making projections using gamemaker. I build all my installations and artworks using gamemaker and custom extensions, usually from programmers I hire on the GM forum.

This artwork uses a neural net to detect facial expressions in real-time and then gamemaker to turn this into neon, bouncing emojis. A smaller version was just placed in the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig. This piece is in the FROST museum of science, Miami.

Gamemaker is powerful af, and stable af. Had installations running for weeks without restarts, 24/7. It's my secret weapon.

Shoutout to this forum for building my GMS2 knowledge up to this point. I'm not moving to unity or touch designer anytime soon. GMS2 just feels like home.

Full video: