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Hello all.

This thread is to discuss the *games* available at the games were not made with game maker, so please *don't* discuss what they were made with, as we aren't allowed to promote products that compete with GM.

Anyways. So there's this really awesome guy (Jayenkai) who makes a new game just about every week (and he's been doing it for years). He's very talented, and I'm inspired by how much he gets done in so little time, and I hope it inspires you too.

I recomend especially Blockman Gets Hungry, Blockman Worlds, Blockman Returns, Invisible Munky 2, and of course just about all his games featuring Platdude.

Just thought I'd share this, thought some of you guys might enjoy his games!



Oh, wow! Thanks for this post. (GoogleAlerts just pointed me to it!)

Plenty of games over the years, and although I try to keep them as varied as I can, by the time you reach over 100 games, keeping things different enough gets a lot harder. .. And I'm up to a lot more than that!!

Would I recommend doing it!?
Only if you can live with originally creating lots of tiny "rubbishy" games, first.
It's taken MANY years of "practice" to achieve my current AGameAWeek abilities. Earlier weekly games were silly little microgames, with little or no substance.

After all the practice, however, I've gotten better at creating small but substantial games.. Learning to take shortcuts and building up my dev-knowledge, is all part of the joys of AGameAWeek. But again, that took years before it felt like I was doing something really good with the results.

I don't expect to make a profit from my game making experiences. I just do it out of a love for gaming, and .. more importantly, sheer boredom!!
Making games is what I do, and I love to do it.
I especially love the thrill of that moment when your code suddenly stops being a bunch of random things, and instead becomes a playable game.
That's such a fantastic moment, and doing AGameAWeek means I get to experience that moment over and over again! (My own little addiction!)

"Creating" is the point, for me.
I hope you enjoy my creations.

GameMaker vs "Whatever it is that I use"

I've given GameMaker a few attempts over the years, but in all honesty, I'm just set in my ways and find it hard to make the jump.
This isn't to do with my preferred language being "Better". There are plus and minus points for any and all languages, and sometimes working around limitation/quirks/bugs makes the coding "puzzle" all that much more exciting!

For the most part the reason I stick to the language I'm using because I've been using it and it's variants for nearly 2 decades! (Wow, I'm getting so old!!!)
I'm definitely set in my ways, and although I do try out other languages every few years, I usually end up getting sucked back into my current one, just because I'm more comfortable with it.
AGameAWeek requires a little familiarity with the tools. Making a switch is a big event, and usually leads to a few months of stalling, whilst I get comfortable with the new selection.

Senthil Kumaran R

I came to know about last December and have played all the game released since then. Jayenkai is a master of creating addictive endless runner type of games. "Mini Clampett" game done this year is a good example. I have come to like the background score and the smooth game play. Setting the highscore in the online scoreboards is an added bonus.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer

You're welcome! You do a wonderful job with the variety, I think you need to give yourself some more credit. I don't know of anyone else who's single-handedly made over 100 games, and I haven't seen that many repeated concepts. That's an incredibly huge accomplishment. :D

@Senthil Kumaran R

Yeah, I had a feeling I wasn't the only one here who knew about Jayenkai and his games. Cool stuff! :)


You're welcome! I'm glad I could share it with you. :)