Beta Aesthetic Battle Simulator [Beta avaliable!]

Aesthetic Battle Simulator

Corn-based ancient punk trip

Aesthetic Battle Simulator is a true historic renovation of the ancient greeks battles with the Illuminati order.
The unwanted misscariage of the vaporwave and MLG, it's too late to pull the condom on Anesthetic Bottle Stimulator.
Fight against the retarded illuminati army, reveal the conspiracy by the reptilians from Nibiru, jump under fire for popcorn!
Jet pots, plasma-firing bananas, homing corn, giant battle pigeons and more in Antiseptic Button Calculator!

⚠ Autistic Brazzers See you later contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy. There are possible dizziness, nausea, anal sphincter spasm or defloration during the game.

Platform: iOS/Android
Release date: May 2k19

Beta avaliable!

Don't forget to update it!

Please, leave your feedback and bug reports here or

And tell me please if I made a mistake in description,
English isn't my native language.
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Looks original! It's definitely not another metroidvania/undertale/hyper light drifter clone.
I don't get seizures but I was scared I was going to have a seizure so I stopped the video :p
I'll be keeping my eye out for a demo, keep us posted.