Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game


Advice, Tips, Experience stories, Warnings, etc. for releasing a Demo and Game on:
And other sites

Examples: What is a good time to release a game or demo, financial advice for people starting out, what to take note of when you release your game, and anything else that might be useful for future publisher newbies.

All advice and experience will be helpful to someone.


I use Gamejolt and a lot.

I like best for HTML 5 games...because you can embed them directly into your website...without using a widget.
Also...they run better on than a site I once paid to host my HTML5 games. Set up and execution are a lot
easier as well.

Another suggestion: Windows 10 store (if you have the UWP module). Seems like it would be harder to pirate your
game from there compared to other sites. (Downside: More complicated getting your game there and has to go through
an approval process...Took me over a month to clear all the hurdles...whereas you can pop your game on Gamejolt /
in less than 30 minutes)
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I can tell you a few things with regard to marketing your game on various websites.

You'll need to have something like a "press kit" for your game -- a folder with the following:

1. A few quality screenshots to upload on sites like steam, gamejolt and itch. I learned the hard way that your screenshots must be interesting to look at.
2. A write up and description, that you will copy paste into your game's page on various platforms.
3. Social media stuff like display picture and header designs. You'll have to show your games logo and some key visuals from your game. Make size variations to upload to various sites that you plan on promoting your game (steam, gamejolt, itch, facebook, twitter etc). But keep the same color theme and visuals for all versions.

If nothing else, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle by keeping all of the above ready in one folder. So when you sign up for a page, you already have all the material you need to tell people about your game.