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Question - IDE Advice Needed - License Type?


Matthew Bull

Hi all,

Advice needed.

I recently started building games with GM2 using the trial version. I am now ready to make the purchase.

In a perfect world, I would love to be able to export to any platform, however this is obviously cost prohibitive. As a result, I need some guidance on the "right" version to pick.

I develop across Windows and macOS, therefore I like the idea of the "Desktop" license, however the challenge of distributing multiple exports feels a little cumbersome (maybe I'm over thinking it).

I have a web development background, therefore the "Web" license is interesting (helping with cross-platform support), however I can't find any reliable information regarding the quality, etc.

For example:

1. What limitations or performance penalties exist with the "Web" license compared to the "Desktop" license?
2. Does the "Web" license work on mobile browsers?
3. Does the "Web" license work with all input mechanisms? Keyboard, Gamepad, Touch, etc?

Finally, is there anyway to test the different exports prior to purchasing?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated?