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This forum is a restricted forum only for those members that wish to discuss advanced programming techniques. To get access to this forum you must contact me via Personal Message and request permission to post.

Once permission has been granted you will be able to use this part of the forum the same as you would use any other part.

You may use this forum to discuss advanced programming issues or concepts. These topics are not limited to only pure GML, and discussions featuring other languages are permitted, although we would expect any discussion about other languages to have some application within GameMaker.

Topics we consider advanced are those that promote discussion rather than only request help (so, if you have a "How do you do...?" question, this is not the forum to post in), although if you have a particularly difficult problem you can indeed post here and request help with it, keeping in mind that users will expect you to have tried to resolve it for yourself and expect code examples, images, and a decent explanation of what the issue is along with a detailed analysis of everything you have attempted to resolve it.

If you have a topic in the regular programming forum that you think would be better in the Advanced Discussion forum, then there are two possible things you can do:
  • If the topic has no replies, then report it and request a moderator move it. If it is considered appropriate then it will be moved and you will be given the appropriate permissions to post and reply.

  • If the topic already has replies, then report it and request that it be closed, and then remake it in the Advanced forum (this is required since not everyone that has already replied may have requested access to the Advanced Forum). Note that you may need to request access to the forum before being able to remake the topic.

As always, when posting, please be concise and explain clearly and with as much information as possible about the problem or concept that you wish to discuss, and keep in mind that moderators can and will move topics to the regular programming forum if they think they do not match the criteria for this forum. Also note that the general GMC forum rules apply, and when posting keep in mind the same rules that are used when posting in the general programming forum.
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