Job Offer - Programmer Advanced motion_predict script.

I am looking for a programmer to write me a script. This script is an advanced form of movement prediction. It will have multiple subscripts:
path_intercept: input of instance and interceptor's speed, along with interceptor's starting position. Returns what direction to launch the projectile at to hit the instance.
position_predict: input of instance and time, returns the instance's position at given time.

The tricky part of this is that the instance can be following a path resource. I am not wanting the script to use a while loop to walk through each step to figure it out (too much performance cost). Instead, I am looking for an analytical, mathematical solution to this.

Another job, after this one, is doing the same thing, except instead of following a path resource, it uses the player's object and a history list of inputs to aim predicatively at the player.

Send me an email at, or a message on discord (BlazingInferno#1341), if you are interested. Payment will be via paypal, and can be discussed.


If you want an analytical solution, then I assume the path used will have a known equation that describes it?


Yes, but having a path resource is very different to having a parametric equation that describes it.