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Android / Amazon Fire admob crashes game when LoadInterstitial() is called



i updated the Google play services extension

right after that the game started crashing whenever GoogleMobileAs_LoadInterstitial(); is called

the error in the output is :
Unable to find method to invoke matching methodname:GoogleMobileAds_Init on class:GooglePlayServicesExtension with params:
The ad unit ID must be set on InterstitialAd before loadAd is called

i already load the test ads in a previous room using this code:
this is google test ad id

why is this happening?
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ok this was about to make me crazy
here is what i found

Changes in 3.0.1
Added Rewarded Ads

Updated extension to Google Play Services API 11.8 (November 2017)

GoogleMobileAds_Init() now requires a Google Ads Unit ID and AdMob ID string or it will fail to initialise correctly: GoogleMobileAds_Init("myGoogleAdsUnitID","myAdMobID"); Alternatively you can leave the AdMob ID parameter with a blank string and it will initialise correctly: GoogleMobileAds_Init("myGoogleAdsUnitID","");

Version 3.0.1. Published May 17, 2018