Suggestion Admins and moderators are not marked in different color


Did I say something wrong? It was just a suggestion. Maybe this has been discussed before. 🤔 Well, then yeah, it deserves to be closed. 🤣


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Oh boy! Here goes @Nocturne closing another topic!
Wrong, as this topic stays open! And honestly, don't try to second guess my awesomeness...

It could be really useful if admins and mods were colored in a different color than us regular members without powers.
This is a good point and something I'll look into. All previous iterations of the GMC had staff members use coloured titles and I honestly never even noticed that this is not the case at the moment... I could have sworn I set it up when I set up the forum software a few years back, though! I wonder if it's been broken in an update...? Or if I'm just getting senile and forgot...? :p

Anyway, I agree, that the staff titles should stand out a little more, so I'll look into getting it fixed.