Adding effects on a circle



Hello Everyone!
I'm making a game where you can use a bomb, which radius grows really fast and destroy everything in it's way. I've managed to do this, it's working really nice with collosion_circle, but for the display all i have is a draw_circle which is not so nice. Can you please tell me how can I applicate some kind of effects on this circle? I'm not really home in particles all i use is the basic effects game maker gives, and even less in shaders. Thanks for help in advance!


you can either do that with particles, or like this,

var dir=irandom(359);
repeat (12+radius) {instance_create(xx+lengthdir_x(radius, dir), yy+lengthdir_y(radius, dir), o_effect)};
xx/yy is the center of the explosion

altho its intense its still an option.