GM:S 1.4 Adding and Subtracting Surfaces

Discussion in 'Programming' started by ThunkGames, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. ThunkGames

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    I've been trying to figure out how to use blend modes in a lighting system for a while, but I always end up getting helplessly lost. So here is what I am trying to do:

    I have 3 960 by 960 surfaces. I use draw_set_colour_write_enable(false, false, false, true) before I draw to these surfaces, so the surfaces only have alpha information.

    One surface (which I will call dayNightSurface) is the darkness levels to draw based on what time it is in the world. This is often in flux.

    Another surface (which I will call shadowSurface) is the darkness to draw based on the position of blocks. When drawn in black, it looks like this.

    The final surface (which I will call lightSurface) is the lightness given off by certain blocks.

    I want what is drawn to the screen to be (dayNightSurface + shadowSurface) - lightSurface in a color of my choosing.

    How do I do this? Thanks for the help.

  2. iMilchshake

    iMilchshake Member

    Jun 23, 2016

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