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Question - Code Adding a file to Steam Workshop


I'm trying to make it so I can upload files to steam workshop and I'm using this code to test it:

new_map = steam_ugc_create_item(steam_get_app_id(), ugc_filetype_community);
var title = get_string("Title","");
steam_ugc_set_item_title(new_map, title);
var desc = get_string("Description","");
steam_ugc_set_item_description(new_map, desc);
steam_ugc_set_item_visibility(new_map, ugc_visibility_public);
var tags;
tags[0] = "map";
steam_ugc_set_item_preview(new_map, "map.png");
file_copy(global.file,title + "/map.ssm");
steam_ugc_set_item_content(new_map, title);
requestID = steam_ugc_submit_item_update(new_map, "Version 1")

After doing this and going to my game's steam workshop, there's nothing there :/
The copied file exists in the proper spot and so does the screenshot. Am I doing something wrong?