add free partition to existing partition


got mac os catalina

one disk has two partitions

one is os extended journal - has high sierra os on it - 125gb - free space 100gb
other is apfs - has catalina os installed on it - 124 gb - free space 30gb

I basically want to free up 50GB from the OS extended one and then add it to the other APFS one.

Can this be done with Disk utility?

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Yes it can be done with disk utility but you should probably boot into recovery mode so it's less likely to fail in the middle of growing/shrinking partitions, which often leads to all your partitions getting destroyed. I know this from experience. Even then, there is no guarantee you wont lose everything, so back up as much as you possibly can or least whatever data you know you absolutely need to not lose.

I recommend googling how to do this. It's pretty easy.