Adaptive Rotation(Animation)?



Hey, I am new to the software, using gm2, and I am working on a "press space dodging game" all the mechanics are pressing space. My question is, when I press space and it goes right, I want it to either play a sprite animation or rotate a static one to the right side, BUT if the animation or rotation is not yet finished and press right again, I need it to smoothly rotate back to the other side.

Joe Ellis

angle_difference is quite useful, cus it gives you the direction, as in it returns the difference as a negative or positive number so that if you add the difference on to angle1, it'll become the same as angle2,
so if you get the difference between the object's current angle, and the angle you want it to move to,
then divide this difference by the number of frames you want it to take to move to the new angle, you can add this onto the object's angle one frame at a time, and it'll end up at the desired angle within n frames