Team Request Action rpg, story telling (Rev-Share)

Hey GM Community members!

This is a new forum for the already existing Bounty: episode One!

This is a 2d Action Rpg. It is inspired by games like Hyperlight drifter, and other rougelikes. You take the role of Naila. A former police officer who had to become a Bounty Hunter in order to find the killers of her son. Throughout her journey will meet interesting aliens, and other types of creatures. The game will feature Bounty contracts so she can gain experience to upgrade her ship, armor and weapons. As an addition there will be a Co-op/MP addon called Dungeon Hunters. Which allows you to play as other bounty hunters and complete raids, defeat bosses, collect bounties as you get further in the game. Now this all will be done in milestones. I have been dedicated and will continue to be dedicated with the game. I am online everyday, even if its for 1 hour, I make sure I communicate with the team and let everyone know what.where the progress is.

What I need
1. GM Programmer
Someone who can create custom scripts and make adjustments. working with the sound designer to make sure the game works and the mood is set

2. Pixel Art animator/Pixel Character Artist
Someone who can animate pixel art of any size. Creating fluid animations and bring the characters of the universe of Bounty to life!

3. Pixel Environment Artist
Of course, we would be needing this! Someone who is experienced in making worlds come to life! There will be many different places the characters will visit. all unique.

The team I want to bring together must be active. I want to keep the team small that way rev-share can be a larger percentage for everyone involved!

Thank you all for taking your time to read this! Hope I can hear back from a few people!

Here are a few links where I post updates for the game
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