Android achievement_login() isn't logging in.


I'm trying to use Google Play Services Achievements and Leaderboards in my game and I'm using achievement_login(); in my init_game script and it logs in just fine for me but for my friends it just hung up on a loading screen and then fails to connect.

I even added a fail-safe that attempts to reconnect to the Google Play Services every 5 minutes with:

if(!achievement_login_status()) achievement_login();
But even with this none of my users can connect. I don't know if it's because my app is in a beta on the play store or if it's cause I'm using the code incorrectly but it's working fine for me but not for anyone else :/


Were you able to resolve this issue?
I just updated my latest build on one game and now achievement_login isn't working on iOS. Haven't checked Android yet.