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This morning I received this email:

Hello from the GameMaker Community,

We don’t like to hold people’s data unnecessarily. Because you have been inactive on the GameMaker Forum for over 11 months, we are writing to let you know that we delete the personal data relating to all accounts that have been inactive for a year. When we delete accounts, we anonymise all past posts and the only way to access the Forum in future is to create a new account, which will not be linked to your old posts.

If you no longer use the Forum and are happy for us to delete your data, then you don’t need to do anything. If you would like to retain access to it, you just need to visit: and login.

Thank you

Basically, I'm told by an Admin (who opens his email on behalf of the whole GameMaker Community) that if I don't log in into the forum my account and data will be deleted, and all my posts anonymised.

I'm not told how much time I have to login and save the situation (1 hour? 1 day? 1 week?), which makes the whole issue a high priority (although I was hoping to absolve other duties today). Uncertainty being a b**ch, I give up on my morning plans and make the Admin (and, presumably, the whole community) happy and log in just to save my account and posts paternity.

I'm quite amazed to discover this rather cheap policy — especially on a forum for a product for which I've purchased licenses — and, quite frankly, I haven't come across such an issue even in forums where there are no commercial products involved.

This provides me a good insight on how much YoYo values its customers — fish rots in three days, YoYo customers in one year!

I'm not quite sure that Admins can send such emails and enforce such policies in the name of the whole GameMaker Community — I'd object to such policies being enforced as it they were coming from the entire community, because for sure I don't agree with them. But, hey, history teaches us that most oppressions are, after all, carried out in the name "of the people/nation" by the minorities with/in power.

So, should I be happy to know that if I can't (or just don't want to) log in for a year then all my posts will become anonymous? Sure not. Why should I? How motivating can it be to know that any contribution to the forum will be stripped of paternity if I don't abide by those rules? I didn't know that by joining the forums I was signing a contract for life — I've heard that you can't ever leave the Mafia without paying consequences, but a forum?!! really?

So, if I wrote an article, how would people quote me? You value trademarks, patents and copyright laws, but are swift to strip paternity away from any text and assets (e.g. attached images) contributed by your users/customers. Woow! Cheap to say the least, and one-way thinking too.

I'm left wondering, should feel at fault for not having logged in the forum for one year? Am I at fault? Should I apologize to the Admins and the GM Community for this? Here you go then:

Sorry Admins if I sinned against your Policies, and didn't log in for a whole year!
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!
Forgive me if I can't devote my whole life to GM and the Forum, for I sinned.
Forgive me if I showed weakness and got sick, and gave priority to chemotherapy over GM!
I must be a horrible person, and You are rightly entitled to wipe my account from the face of the Forum,
But because you are Mugnificent and Merciful, you have spared me Thy wrath,
by giving me a chance to login once more! How blessed a wretched soul I am!
Forgive me because I was sick, for I'm a weak person, a sinner in the eyes of the Great YoYo!​

Happy? I hope the Admins will appreciate the intended sarcasm, and that this prayer of apology might enlighten them on the bad choices of their policies. I just can't tell how ****ty it feels to receive an email like that after a hard year has just ended — I wish I could have devoted more time to things I like, but I couldn't 'cos life is a b**ch!

You should really consider updating your forum subscription policy, and clearly warn users that if they have health problems which might prevent them from logging in for a year they'll be ERASED and ANONYMIZED, and all their contributions will loose paternity — I suggest you entitle this policy Mens sana in corpore sano, as an homage to the fascist regimes of the past, which shew just about the same indulgence as GM Admins toward the sick (unwanted citizens/unwanted users), and shared the same attitude toward stomping authorship and applying censorship.

I salute you:

Heil YoYo! Heil mein Admin!


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Ummm.... You have eleven months because you have a month to check in an ensure your account remains activated because the email says accounts that have been inactive for over a year.

As for your comments disparaging YYG and the Admins around here, you should know that this is an obligation from the European Union under the GDPR legislation and has nothing to do with anything that you are ranting about. I would suggest that instead of posting to insult the company and the Admins, you post to ask why this is happening FIRST and then rant later... ;)

For your education I'll just leave this link here:

PS: I'm not called the "Friendly Tyrant" for nothing... topic closed.
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